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escándalo sexual, en la base aérea de texas, aumentó de 12 a 14, y el número de víctimas así también aumentó >>> los abogados de una de las presuntas víctimas de jerry sandusky, el ex entrenador de la universidad de penn state, dice que el acusado le decía te amo, las llamadas habrían sido hechsa en septiembre del año pasado, también se supo por primera vez que él fue el niño víctima en las duchas del centro de estudios, pero no se ha revelado de su nombre >>> un hispano de texas que fue sentenciado a cadena perpétua, está desaparecido después de quitarse el brazalete, fue sentenciado después de violar a dos jovencitas, el individuo estaba bajo arresto domiciliario. >p>>es momento de nuestra primera pausa y al regresar hay aeropuertos del país que son verdaderos focos de infección. >>> y tratan de identificar a las personas que pueden tener hepatitis c. >>> además el porcentaje de ataques contra periodistas que quedan en la impunidad en méxico. >>>aademás ,envíe sus esta tarde, , en primer impacto.aunque han surgido nuevos recursos cientificos para tratar a los pacientes co
from texas for five minutes. >> thank you mr. chairman. i want to say that i concur with the comments he made about the effect of the drought in texas. all the friends i have that engage in the farm land in south texas have lost their crops because of the lack of rain and it literally looks like a desert. i was their last weekend. first of all, doctor, i would like to compliment your way. the lower colorado river authority in texas that you are familiar with has told me that they very much appreciate your willingness to assimilate information to them come to the landowners, to the farmers and policy makers as well, and they appreciate that a good communication. i would like to direct my questions to the other panelists. i explain to do to defend the president's budget i'm not going to ask a budget question but i would like to ask the other panelists if they feel that in the current budget proposal neither has received a high eminem f priority or should have been greater sense of urgency and greater priority given, and mayor ballard we will start with you. >> that's a great question. i
to tell you a story about i passed a bill some five years ago, and i was over in paris, texas making a speech about it, and a good friend put it on me saying, congress mapp, will you be able to make it rain? it was dry and had not rainedded in days and days. i thought a minute x and so i said, yeah, it will. that's section 4 of the third page. he said, really? i said, hell no, i just gave you a silly answer to a civic question. he was a good friend of mine. three years later, i mean, we had rainfall that drowned people and all of the farm programs below it, ruined everybody. rained days and nights. i called him three o'clock one morning, and his wife said when he got to the phone, hit his toe on the chair, and he was mad when he got to the phone. he said, hello. i said, hello. you remember the question you asked about the bill? i said, go outside. i have to go through that every time to go to paris, texas now, but he's a good enough friend i could talk to him like that, but we know how important it is, and how really timely this hearing is, and we are grateful to yal y'all for your p
bonding in waco, texas. that story is coming up in sports. laura. >> and thank you. breaking habits, especially for a smoke orangutan in indonesia and he's been hooked on cigarettes for a decade and the zoo keepers want him to kick the habit. the problem is visitors keep throwing her lit cigarettes through the exhibit. the zoo is moving her to a private island on the property. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go? friends, donors, campaign supporters, special interest groups where did the obama stimulus money go? solyndra: 500 million taxpayer dollars. bankrupt. so where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china. electric cars from finland 79% of the 2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. . >>> the majority of americans would vote for an atheist president. a new gallop poll shows 54% would support putting a, quote, well-qualified candidate and the same group would vote for a gay or lesbian candidate or muslim president. the public is growing acceptness. -
. >>> there was a whole lot of monkey business in a texas courtroom yesterday. the woman showed up with her two monkeys at a hearing to prove that they actually belong to her. the cute pint-sized primates dressed in polka-dots for their day. >> another woman claimed ownership of the monkeys. she didn't show up. daisy and kiko returned home with their owner. what is she pushing them in? >> stroller/cage thing. cute little fellows. again they're not, you know, debate whether you should have pets like that. we'll continue that. 21 states ban keeping primates as the pets. not texas. kiko and daisy are fine. [ monkey sounds ] >>> coming up, how some olympic athletes were born to win. >> what was the sound effect again? [ monkey sounds ] >>> and the feud dividing michael jackson's family and what the courts have to say about it. you are watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ got to be starting something ♪ you want to be starting something you got to be starting something ♪ is complete, until it's completely clean. lysol toilet bowl cleaner gives you maximum coverage from the rim down to the water line to kil
texas where she's living now. >> i know what i know and the truth will set you free. i was bound for 23 years, 6 months and however many days. and i'm free. >> currel has not commented. he has taken a leave of absence. he has coached hundreds of elite athletes. >> athletes and fans from around the globe are in london now. skurt is security is tight. cameron fired back at comments mitt romney made about possible security concerns. cameron says security is and has been the country's top priority. ze seven years of planning, building and waiting is about to be over. london's mayor said that they're ready to put on a great show. over in london covering the olympic games for us tonight, he takes us inside one of the first stops for team usa. it's called team processing. it's where all the ath lelet at get their uniforms. >> police have finally lifted the crime tape six days after the shooting at a movie theater. holmes' lawyers are getting the first look at his home as neighbors in the building are being allow today return. this new video shows a very different james holmes. he was recorded
to decide whoa could replace them in the month of august. early voting under way in texas where that race was not supposed to be that close. lost by double-digits to the governor in the senate primary in may. they fell short of the 50% mark to avoid a run off. cruise has been cruising and held a slide lead, but it doesn't stop there. texas will be followed by a primary in missouri. clair mcclassic ilnd hawaii picks a democrat to fill akak a's shoes. wisconsin's republicans and the race for them and august ends with the race to fill john kyl's seat. still unclear who the nominee will be in that state. we have the editor in chief and gentlemen, welcome to you both. busy august all because of the voting issue. everything got moved up. august is a bigger primary month. let's start with texas. the winner of this run off will be the next united states senator. that is say fact. i am surprised david is still in the race. it's a fighter's chance considering how it's a low turn out. conservatives could dominate. >> i think we all believe we turn out as critical. the better chance and a smaller tur
texas se lleno de valor escapando de su secuestrador cuando este se detuvo en una gasolinera, esta huyó, el sujeto pretendia vender a la joven como prostituta. >>otro que escapo en texas pero de la justicia fue un sujeto condenado, huyendo, este violo a dos niñas y tranmitio una enfermedad sexual a una de ellas >>tras la masacre en colorado, siguen apareciendo más datos al respecto >>así es, la gran interrogante es si se pudo haber evitado la tragedia, todo se centra en un paquete que habría llegado a la universidad donde el sujeto contaba sus planes >>el es solo@ un alma perdida, rezo para que dios llegue a su corazón y lo cambien >>tres hospitales también dicen que reducirán y cancelarán los gastos de las víctimas >>uniformados rindieron tributo a las víctimas >>estamos mentalmente preparados y entrenados, pero eso no lo hace más fácil >>al otro lado de la ciudad reparan las ventanas del departamento de holmes >>mientras tanto se estudia un cuaderno donde hay dibujos del homicida, para enviarlo a un psiquiatra. >>no está claro cuando llego el paquete, ni se ha confirmado
. >>> todo està permitido . >>> sus cómplices sus fanáticos quienes llegaron de mexico , texas y todos los rincónes de california . ,>>> de , que recibas està estrella su madre , dijo que la ceremonio y después , hablo en exclusiva con nosotros , por que estoy paseando como con mi esposo . >>> al lado , de tu padre , fue tu papá , en cosa que no lo podía , en las mismas calles , con su hijo , dormía , como alguien que no tenía como dormír , en la visita de hollywood , de la perpetuidad , en la en hollywood noticias univisión . >>> terminamos con una historia romantica que les gustara al público es una probadita las imágenes en santa mónica , pero esto no es así , por el verano lols peces , están listos para reproducirse , volvemos con más sólo a las 11 . ♪. >>> hoy es jueves 26 de jjulio el 2012, estas son las principales noticias que tenemos, el fusil ak47 marca la campaña presidencial de estados unidos, el presidente barack obama pide bloquear esta arma, mitt romney se opone. >>> enfermedades aterrizan y despegan del país en los aeropuertos. >>> además, la posibilid
'll not believe how far some fans drove to check out the action. >> from texas. >> how far is that? >> 29 hours. >> i have done that drive before. that is not a short one. jummy olabanji will have a live report in our next hour. >> you didn't drive for football in tehran not for football. just for college. >>storms are sweeping across the nation, but the drought is worsening. >> starbucks investors may weigh week -- be waking up and smelling the coffee. >> good morning. not happy for the drought situation. the problem is apparently rapidly intensifying. more than 20% of the nation is now under the worst stages of drought then last week. the drought hunter said 90% of topsoil in six states is now short of moisture. this is sparking growing concerns about food prices p. facebook shares are under pressure after the first earnings report as a publicly traded company disappointed investors. they revealed a slowing sales gains and shrinking margins. also news from starbucks -- a disappointing profit forecast blaming consumer pullback, and especially in europe. amazon reported the biggest profit drop
austin, texas. this is from bloomberg "business week." why super p.a.c.'s make the best attack ads. -- host: there's not a lot of supervision, oversight or accountability, says mark mckinnon. -- let's take a look at some recent super p.a.c. advertisements on the presidential level. >> mitt romney, the businessman. take a look at his record. romney bought companies, drowned them in debt, many went bankrupt. thousands of workers lost jobs, benefits and pensions. but for every company he drove into the ground, romney averaged a $92 million profit. now he says his business experience would make him a good president? if romney wins, the middle class loses. priorities u.s.a. reaction is responsibility for the -- responsible of the content of this advertising. >> america's jobless rate just went up again but after a record 42 straight months of unemployment, president obama insists. >> the private sector is doing fine. 20 million americans can't find jobs. thousands of them have been out of work for a year. and under obama, nearly 800,000 more women are unemployed. >> the private sector i
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. police arrested both men after viewing the footage of the fight. >>> a horrific crash on a texas highway nearly took the life of an innocent driver. a suspect sped away from police after a traffic stop. his escape ended horribly when he veered into oncoming traffic and then collided head on with another car. the suspect was arrested while the driver in the other car was hospitalized in critical condition. >>> and finally, the outpouring of support continues in aurora. patients and hospital staff took photos with and got autographs from the manager and 12 players who made the trip. that's great there. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins. he has your weather channel forecast. happy friday. >> it is. tonight you coming over? the olympic opening ceremony. >> you're hosting a huge party. didn't you hear? your address is -- >> you wouldn't show up in a million years. lynn berry would not show up. well, good morning, everyone. the olympics, of course, the big story today and the next 17 days. the opening ceremonies. unfortunately london
businesses. with the annual mailing sent by the texas treasurer's office to food establishments, we mailed over 3000 food establishments in several different languages, information about needs for accessibility requirements, warnings of the potential lawsuits, and -- until we get that information to the businesses. we had three businesses contact us after receiving the mailings. since 2008, our office has conducted 51 presentations and/or workshops. i have listed here that 28 had been city-wide presentations and on the left-hand side is the district and the number of presentations per district. for businesses have access the loan program, 40 businesses have utilized the bar association pose a legal services, we had 25 articles in print media, 10 in the chinese press, seven in the chronicle sf gate, and in the examiner. we have not done enough outrage and effort -- outreach and effort into the ethnic, primarily the legend media. that is the third biggest business sector. we did a panel presentation on your legal rights with chuck finney and our office has seen 183 clients on ada issues, whe
, the young girl from texas is poised to become a star. we take up her story. ♪ >> when you beat somebody in the ring, you are not just beating them up or something. you are like beating the entire symbolism of them. you are beating who they are. >> reporter: marlen esparza's early mornings start with math, how much to eat. how far to run. how many pounds, sprints, crunches, and how many endless hours of training will it take to win? why are you here everyday? >> i want to win. this is my life and this is what i do. like, i can honestly say that this is who i am. right here, you are with me, and this is what i do. >> reporter: esparza trains in a gym along a lonely stretch of houston's i-10. coach rudy silva took charge of her life when she was just 12. she is now 22. is she allowed to have a boyfriend? >> no. >> reporter: is she allowed to party on the weekends? >> no. >> reporter: is she allowed to take a few days off and not train because she is worn out? >> no. >> reporter: that is a lot of noes. >> yes. >> marlen esparza! >> reporter: esparza won the first of seven national champions
francisco, new york, maybe l, a maybe l.a., but now a city in texas is ahead of them. according to forbes houston is it. as you can see los angeles and san francisco still made it on top. oakland came out 16th. >>> next weekend you are going to have a chance to catch the 2012 oakland raiders in action. go to any raider image store and pick up two free tickets for a training camp practice. tickets are available for next friday, saturday and sunday while supplies last. the raiders train in napa. >>> ktvu news is now available for your ipad. the new app can be found in apple's app store and it is free. to find out type ktvu in that search box and the new app will feature ktvu's most up to date news, weather and traffic. one of the features is this live video player where you can watch all of our newscasts live. >>> well, today on the ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 stunning new numbers on the number of people in the united states dealing with hiv that just aren't getting treated. the age group in the bay area drawing the most attention. >>> well, thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we wi
. and texas, which there are only old polls, it will be solid romney. but the important thing, since april 11 when romney secured the republican nomination we have done these every two weeks and the movement has been toward romney. for example, in the last two weeks, new hampshire went from lean obama, to toss up and michigan went from lean obama to toss up. so, a total of, between those two, of 21 electoral votes moving from obama to toss up. we have seen persistent movement to romney moving into a situation where romney, all he needs to do is win north carolina, virginia, ohio and florida which are battleground or leaning states and win one another: new hampshire, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, colorado, nevada, new mexico, most of which are dead even states in a toss up category and he wins the white house. >>neil: you need two -- 270 electoral votes. if he got those states you update texas, including south carolina, romney would be in the area of 215, right? >>guest: well, it is more than tight. at the beginning he starts with the john mccain states. i don't think anyone that thinks a
. >>> a horrific crash on a texas highway nearly took the life of an innocent driver. the accident occurred after a suspect sped away from police during a traffic stop. his escape ended horribly when he veered into oncoming traffic and collided head on with. >> car. the suspect was arrested while the driver of the o'car was hospitalized in critical condition. >>> finally the outpouring of support continues in aurora. several members of the colorado rockies paid a visit to victims of last week's shooting rampage. patients and hospital staff took photos with and got autographs from the manager and 12 players who made the trip. great sight to see there. >>> and now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins. he has a very busy weather channel forecast. >> yeah. yesterday was an interesting day. it was a set up for this big, big weather event. the storms formed and they did their damage out there. it probably wasn't as bad as they thought it would be. many areas have a lot of clean-up, still thousands without power. one tornado in elmira, new york. you can
a number of people on january 4, and it is all communications we are aware of, texas, phones, e-mails -- texts, phones, emails, and the people in records from are ross mirkarimi, you, and kellie williams, so that is what exhibit 83 is, and there are seven pages of small text lines, so i have tried to pull some of these out. if you want to take out your binder. >> ok. >> exhibit 83 is there in full. i just want to know that in case you want to double check some of the things i am highlighting to make sure if you have any doubts about their accuracy. the first box is a series of texts at 10:55 from lopez teto you, and another at 10:56, but , we do not know what the context is, so i am wondering if you remember. >> i vaguely remember. she let me know she had an argument with ross and that she wanted to talk with me. that was the gist of its. >> had she ever confided her personal affairs with you before? >> never. >> were you surprised to get these text messages and? >> yes. >> did you have any idea she was going to do this to? >> no. >> you recall the wording? >> i do not remember.
caught on police dash cam. this from texas. up ahead, you see a car suddenly veer into oncoming traffic and smash. that crash sent three people to the hospital, two in serious condition. police believe that this was intentional. they were chasing james christopher gilbeau. they say he veered into that car and caused that accident. >> what would be the point of that if police are chasing him? >> they initially tried to pull him over on a routine traffic stop. that's when he and a passenger took off. they believe now that the passenger in the car could have been a kidnap victim. during the chase, police say that he was throwing things out of the car. later they found out it was narcotics that he was throwing. the charges that he's currently facing are tampering with evidence for throwing the drugs out of the car, possession of a controlled substance, and evading arrest. >> what about vehicular manslaughter? >> police are working with the d.a. to try and up the charges because of exactly what you said. if it's true that he veered into that other car, he could be facing additional charges.
on the voter i.d. laws in texas and south carolina because in our judgment the facts supported them. i agree wholeheartedly with the views of the former attorney general who talk about voter identification laws and said earlier this year the supreme court referring to indiana adopted the department's views that voter ideologues are not unconstitutional -- id laws are not unconstitutional, and held many say flaws. the same time, the court acknowledged the undeniable fact that they could burden some citizens' right to vote. it is important for some states to implement and administer such laws in a way that minimizes the possibility, and it is important for the department to do its part to guard against this possibility. we will not hesitate to use the tools available to us including the voting rights act if they are used to improperly denied the right to vote out. i completely and utterly to agree with him and evan bayh is our approach. >> i will contain -- and that in bodies of our approach. >> i will continue that discussion. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> thank y
itself in accord. the department of justice case against the texas -- in. itself in court. the department of justice has a case against the state of texas, that the trial, shock was expressed in counting military id's. there is no excuse for failing to except the government-issued military i.d., and the public deserves an answer for this today. further partisan bias is clear in the national voters registration act enforcement, aggressively suing states for not aggressively enough registering voters at welfare offices, but not a single case to fight fraud. when ford tried to comply voluntarily by removing non- citizens from its boulder roles, and the department of justice rushed to court, and lost. over objections, the department of justice forced dayton, ohio, to lower the passing score on the police recruitment exam to increase diversity even though federal law prohibits altering the results of employment-based tests on the basis of race. it appears the division is breaking the law. further, the civil rights division requires taxpayers to pay for costly bilingual ballots, even though it
. pavement has buckled in nebraska, iowa, virginia, in oklahoma, illinois and texas, it is a mess. taking the train instead? yeah, sure, unless the track has gone all kinky from the heat. and remember last summer how flooding threatened a nuclear power plant in nebraska in that record hot year? this month, a nuclear plant in illinois had to get special permission to keep running because the extreme heat outside had driven up temperatures in the cooling pond. last month, the freak-out derecho storm hit the mid-atlantic. i had never heard of a derecho, the kind of weather i never thought we could have until it took down trees and power lines from ohio and virginia to new jersey. tonight we have more severe weather from the midwest to the northeast where it looks like ghostbusters outside with reports of tornadoes and power outages and general anxiety. stuck as we are in this record heat, we have no way of telling yet whether we're looking at this weird weather which is temporary or rather what we're seeing is genuine climate change happening around us. what we do know is that human behavior
supplies donated by the giving tree and free scientific calculators courtesy of texas instruments, which has an office in santa clara. students told us this is more about supplies. it's abi ee's about inspiration. >> it motivates me a lot since many of us can't afford it, can't buy materials and stuff. it's a big help for us. >> it's important for many of us here because many of us, like, our parents didn't get to go to college and want their dreams and ours to come true. >> i encourage anyone with a passion in science, technology, engineer, and math to go for it because it can be done. it will be hard but it will definitely be worth it in the end. >> reporter: that's daisy garcia, an inspirational story here. she graduated from downtown college and went to occidental. she graduated in may with a bachelor's many in biology. the hope is that current students will see that someone from their neighborhood was able to succeed and so can they. it doesn't stop here. the rest of the students at college prep, about 400 of them, sophomores to seniors, will be getting backpacks in the coming weeks
receivers to waco, texas, to work out with him. the efforts didn't go unnoticed. >> just something that guys generally don't do, getting the guys together in waco. that's big time. >> it really makes you feel good. evenen in a short time, i think we've built great relationships, and the leaders are stepping up. >> reporter: so he's doing everything you would hope a franchise qb would, but let's not forget he is just a rookie. let us also not forget the manning brothers, freed, and brady, none of them finished .500 in their rookie campaigns. there will be growing pains. what remains to be seen, whether griffin can keep his poise. >> success for me, winning football games. definitely more than one, more than two, more than three. we've just got to go out and play, let your play do the talking. >> with him, he has the right mentality as far as his preparations so he's going to be a good player for us. >> he handles himself extremely well. he's got a lot of charisma. very smart. works extremely hard. he is going to do everything he can to make himself the best player. that's contagious to a foot
. a line of fast hp moving and powerful storms stretched all the way from the texas/mexico border to new england knocking out power to more than 200,000 people and grounding hundreds of flights. shocks of lightning lit up the sky over new york city as the storm sped eastward. the system did its worst damage in he will myra, new york, knocking down trees and power lines and shredding the roof off a nearby parn. the national weather service is looking into the possibility that a tornado touched down. in cleveland, four workers were hurt when high winds knocked around the scaffolding they were working on. they were ten stories up when the storm blew through. they were forced to smash the building's windows to get to safety. thursday's storm bore striking similarities to the one that battered the midwest and mid-atlantic late last month. >> the fast-moving storm, it was a large cold front that traveled eastward and that's what we saw earlier today. the phenomenon is called a der ach yoe. it's pretty rare to see something like this. >> the storm ended a dry spell in northeastern ohio. in akro
we have catching up to do. houston texas is the coolest city to live in in the u.s. followed by washington, d.c., los angeles, and seattle. those round out top five cities. oakland, 16th. here is how forbes ranked cities. based on ethnic diversity, and perhaps the key, affordibility for young professionals. >>u! we're not high on affordibility. >> there is a warning for driver who's may northbound the city this sunday. expect road closures in the mirathon. the race starts and ends near the ferry building. and full course goes over golden gate bridge and through golden gate park before returning to the bay. embarcadero closed at midnight they shut it down near the starting line. street signs have been set up telling the public about these closures and muni will have to reroute bus line autos for several nights bay bridge drivers will get a glimpse of things still to come. last night caltrans lit-9ç 24f new lights on the completed skyway back. and caltrans will be testing those on and off for several nights. they were designed for the bridge which ended in pure white light t
and visit texas tonight. the cubs celebrate "ron santo day" this afternoon when they take on the cardinals at wrigley. they changed northwestern debuted new uniforms at big ten football media day downtown. but the focus was on the n-c-a-a sanctions against penn state that allow players to transfer schools without losing a year of eligiblity. some big ten coaches including northwestern's pat fitzgerald, say they won't recruit penn state players. however, new fighting illini coach tim beckman says players have already contacted him about potential tranfers to illinois, and members of his staff met with players earlier this week. the n-b-a regular season schedule is out... and the bulls open the season at home on halloween night against the sacramento kings. they play at home christmas night, hosting jeremy lin, omer asik and the houston rockets. the lakers visit on january 21st, and the bulls host the defending champion miami heat twice, starting in february... derrick rose could return from his knee injury by then. join mark suppelsa for a half hour special "pension games" at 9:30 monday ni
-old actor was dead and his home in el paso, texas. is better known as george .efferson >> if you would like to beat the today, maybe you would like to check out a movie. >> arch campbell is looking at on the big >> who happens to a guy creates the girl of his dreams? it reminds us to be careful what for.ish >> have we met before? >> he has writer's block, so he creates a perfect girlfriend on paper, only to have her appear zoe.e form of >> can you see her? she is real. writes,oes whatever he which works great at first, but turns into a nightmare later. 3.5 starts, rated r. summertime the lights bet along with "the ."rk knight rises have a nice weekend. i'm arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. >> thanks so much. in business news, a trader is under fire from a group about genetically modified crops. week's mass shooting in brothershas warner cautious about another film. linda bell has more from bloomberg headquarters in new york >> . good morning. let's begin with warner brothers. have delayed the release squad" byie "gangster four months after the mass shooting at the batman movie
charges or talk about the case in exchange for $150,000. but curl who now lives in texas says the truth had to come out. >> i know what i know. and the truth will set you free. and i was bound for 23 years, 6 months, and however many days. i'm free. >> curl has not commented. his club curl burke says he has taken a leave of absence. curl is a former member of the u.s. olympic team staff and coached hundreds of u.s. elite athletes. >>> another chance today to see rg3 in sakz. the redskins will hold another open practice this afternoon on the second day of training camp. he got the rookie treatment on his first day in camp. he had to carry his teammates' helmets after practice. standard thing there. thousands of fans did brave the heat to watch the skins in action as expected, rg3 was the main attraction. >> going to the championship game because they're not going to be able to stop rg3 and that receiver. >> hot. >> is it worth it? to see who? >> rg3. >> what does rg3 stand for? >> the redskins. >> that's right. that's right. >> from the mouths of babeses. >> that's right. i love it. how
. and seattle rounding out the top five. >> two cities in texas. >> moral of the story, move on texas. >> obviously written by someone from texas. it's like 130 degrees down there and the humidity. but it's cool in its own way. >>> the race for the white house is heating up and it's something like an olympic sprint. it's a golden opportunity for the winner, but there will is no silver medal for the loser. take a look at campaign 2012 through the eyes of an olympic geek, me, coming up. [ cellphone rings ] the wife. hey, babe. got the jetta. i wiped the floor with the guy! not really. i would've been fine with 0% for 36 months, but i demanded 60. no...i didn't do that. it was like taking candy from a baby. you're a grown man. alright, see you at home. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen autobahn for all event. we good? we're good. [ male announcer ] at 0% apr for 60 months, no one needs to know how easy it was to get your new volkswagen. that's the power of german engineering. ♪ to get your new volkswagen. you want to save money on car insurance? no problem. you want to save money on rv
from texas to connecticut. >> i'm gayle king. a key figure in jerry sandusky's child sex abuse case may finally be coming forward. >>> a revealing look at bruce springsteen and will ferrell is in studio 57. >>> first, we begin with a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> great weather. enthusiasm on the part of the people here in london. i think you're going to see terrific games. >> mitt romney rice to defuse olympic outrage. >> questioned whether london was ready to host the olympic games. >> questioned whether we're ready. are we ready? >> of course, it's easier if you hold the olympic games -- >> utah is not in the middle of nowhere. it's in the northwest corner of nowhere. [ laughter ] >> extreme weather from the great plains to the northeast. >> oh, yeah. powerful. ripping things up like crazy. >> knocking out power to more than 200,000 people. >> elmira, new york, a possible tornado. >> worried about getting my son out. >> one of jerry sandusky's victims releases voice males left on his phone days before his arrest. >> when you get this message, give me a call
york, los angeles. now a city in texas beats them all. according to forbes magazine, houston, texas, this coolest big city in america. >>> forbes looked at arts, nightlife and employment when they came up with their top 20 list. los angeles and san francisco still made it into the top. the city of oakland by the way came in number 16. >> a couple of cities in the coolest. >> yeah. >> right sal? how is traffic? traffic cool? >> all i can say it is a very subjective list i am sure. >> yeah. >> good morning, let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving along pretty well. nice i would say you call it a cool commute. 80 westbound though slow. you can see it crowded down to the macarthur maze and traffic has not reached the bay bridge but it could reach the bay bridge. it looks like it is slow here. also the morning commute at the toll plaza has been light. it has been friday light here. remember tonight there is a giants-dodger game and also critical mass so you will see some slow traffic in the evening in san francisco. san jose commute has been good. we have been watching it
england. 100s right on top of oklahoma, 90s down into texas. >> we are starting off today with muggy conditions and some sprinkles. we'll have partly cloudy skies. >> that's your latest weather. joining me now is david beckham, needs no introduction. thanks for being here. pretty exciting. less than 12 hours the eyes of the world will be here in london. the games literally in your backyard. that's going through your mind right now. >> i think the excitement around the country has been incredible. i arrived here three or four days ago. you can feel the expectation now, the excitement. it's going to be a great day. >> what do you hope london shows the world? >> i think we'll show the world exactly what we're about. we're a traditional country, very traditional people. danny, the director, people involved are top class people. it's going to be exciting. like i say, it's very patriotic, which is what we're about and what the u.s. is about as well. you're going to appreciate that. >> i know reports say, we've read these reports, you've got a role in the opening ceremony tonight. you've go
't know what is out there. a whole lot of monkey business in a texas courtroom yesterday. the woman showed up with her two monkeys at a hearing to prove that they actually belong to her. the cute pint-sized primates dressed in polka-dots for their day. >> another woman claimed owner shuch t of the monkeys. she didn't show up. so the two monkeys returned home with their owner all. what is she pushing them in? >> stroller/cage thing. cute little fellows. again they're not, you know, debate whether you should have pets like that. we'll continue that. 21 states ban keeping primates as the pets. not texas. keko and daisy are fine. coming up, how some olympic athletes were born to win. >> what was the sound effect again? the feud dividing michael jackson's family and what the courts have to say about it. you are watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ got to be starting something until it's completely clean. lysol toilet bowl cleaner gives you maximum coverage from the rim down to the water line to kill 99.9% of germs. and removes stains better than clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. so if you w
cap stock go to joyce in texas. joyce? >> caller: yes, jim, i'm asking you about a particular company called donna herd. >> people didn't like the quarter. i like the guys who run this company, i think a terrific opportunity and ne'er-do-wells, johnson controls are, coming back, dana sherher is a name. i want to own t jerry in california. >> caller: boo-yah, cramer. >> boo-yah. >> caller: company analyst too much of the quarter [ inaudible ] >> i don't know. i have to get the ceo on of magic jack that one is too hard for know understand what the metrics r i hate to punt like that go to scott in new jersey. scott? >> caller: hello, boo-yah to the compass of wall street. >> i like being that true north, right? let's go. >> caller: okay. with the increase in dividends at amikko eagle, is there any hope for them now? >> a quarter not so bad, cost $600. got more growth than barak. in the end, i'm going to send you to the gld. conservative. i don't mind that name. hey, becky in illinois. becky? >> caller: hi there. big boo-yah to you, jim, from marion, illinois. bob and i are wanting to kno
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